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If you have ever browsed through a box of view cards in a postcard dealer's inventory, you've probably seen these curious postcards. They are Photo-Mounts, sometimes known more generically as add-ons. They were made from about 1906 to the late teens and feature a miniature photograph mounted to a postcard. Often they have the town name heralded in a banner, along with a verse or poem. My wife Cheryl and I started collecting them in 1993 after we found a nice group of them from Sand Creek, Wisconsin, a town that Cheryl collects. For as long as we had collected old postcards, we always focused on view cards, especially real photos, from our home town areas. But with the Sand Creek lot, and having seen other many other attractive Photo-Mounts, we decided to form a little collection of them. A little eventually turned into over 1,000 cards before long as many of our dealer friends located these cards for us.

With so many varieties of these postcards in our collection, we thought it would be fun to catalog them. Photo-Mounts lend themselves very well to cataloging because of their very nature. They have towns, poems, and many publishers and varieties. We finally completed our catalog. See below for more details.

We realize that there are many more kinds of Photo-Mounts in existence than what we've seen. Have a look through the Picture Gallery, and if you have a card that's not pictured, please let us know.

Some Classic Photo-Mounts by M. L. Zercher of Topeka, Kansas

Picture Gallery

Want help building your collection?

Announcing... A New Postcard Book

Comprehensive Catalog of Photo-Mounts

by Shawn & Cheryl Hewitt

is a work that has been about five years in the making. It is currently available only in electronic format on CD-ROM, meaning that you need a computer to read the catalog, and optionally print it to a color printer. Here is what you will find in the catalog...
  • An Introduction to Photo-Mounts
  • Information on Photo-Mounts produced by over 30 publishers
  • Catalog system devised by the author to identify Photo-Mounts
  • Valuations for each kind of Photo-Mount
  • Over 200 color images
  • Chapter listing verses seen on Photo-Mounts
  • Census listing all of the known towns to have Photo-Mounts
  • 147 Pages

Preview the Catalog

Ordering Information

Shawn & Cheryl Hewitt
Box 580731
Minneapolis, MN 55458-0731

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