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Minnesota Real Photo Postcards

Between 1907 and 1930, postcards were the mainstay of communication in rural America.  While many postcards were simple greetings cards, a whole class of them were photographic works of art, capturing forever the essence of small-towns at their zenith.  Come see what your town looked like 100 years ago.


Visit the Money Museum

Visit the Minnesota Money Museum

Did you know that your hometown might have had its own money?  Discover the history, art and hometown appeal of early American paper money.  New images recently added of East-Central Minnesota National Bank Notes.


Here is a summary of other projects we are involved with from time to time.

New Paper Money Book


A History & Catalog of Minnesota Obsolete Bank Notes & Scrip

Decades of experience, and nearly four years of research and writing culminate in the production of the new standard reference on Minnesota obsolete paper money.  Read more about it.



Twin City Postcard Club

If you enjoy antique postcards, get involved with the Twin City Postcard Club.  Monthly meetings and seasonal shows are the perfect opportunities to build your collection.

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February 19, 2010  Added Shawn's collection of Minnesota Real Photo Postcards under the postcards page.

Minnesota Paper Money


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We update our list as duplicates become available.

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